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Things included in ship management

About ship management:

Ship management, as the name shows, deals with the process of managing a ship. Ship management is done by many marine Consultants which use ships of some other organizations or independent owners. A ship management company provides assistance for ship owners by managing a few shops. Additionally, also offers them money as rent as per the contract between the owner of the ship and the management of the organization. 

Things included in ship management:

The entire process of ship management is not an easy task. The process of ship management includes various forms of duties that must be carried out before, during as well as after the entire process of operating the ship.  The fundamental thing that a ship management company requires to do is to get the ship approved. Many approvals are to be taken from different classification societies. Nonetheless, the organization can employ different types of vessels or just concentrate on any one type.

If a management company needs to join into a new field by resigning itself in operating different types of vessels but is operating the vessel type for the first time then authorization for operation is given for six months and their performance is evaluated. 

Does ship management cover everything?

There are many ship management services that encompases the entire process. In some cases, ship management may encompass some of the ship’s services, but not all. It depends on the owner if they want to rent out the ship entirely to the company or contract for partial services. If they choose to use the ship management company for all their vessel’s requirements, they can do so. Several duties that ship management organizations deal with include:


  • Maintenance: The ship management organization deals with the maintenance and repairs of the ship. They supervise these tasks to assure the ship is suitably attended to and lasts in optimal ailment.
  • Crew: the ship management organization provides a reasonable crew.
  • Management of cargo: Ship management companies always arrange load and dispose of them to manage cargo to and from the ship.
  • Transactions: On behalf of the holder, the organization can hire out the ship for work.
  • Negotiations: Part of the company’s assistance can include negotiating oil contracts for the ship.
  • Insurance: One of the major tasks of a ship management company is mainly to prepare insurance for the vessel.
  • Claims: The company must manage salvage, insurance, and other related sorts of claims for the ship owner.
  • Supplies: additionally beside providing the crew for the ship, a ship management company also delivers food and other essentials for the crew.

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