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Common myths in the IT industry

Common myths in the IT industry

In the world of modernity, technology is used daily. If we take technology for granted, like our smartphones and WiFi, we may be surprised by how our devices function. Technology is highly active and complicated, making it difficult for the majority of people to exclusively appreciate and understand how things go on. This misconception can then lead to myths and incorrect news that can do more damage than good.

While turning into a modern and contemporary world, you may be wondering if there are some social myths in the IT industry. Even you will start to believe a few of these as they are true and they’re so common. such as:

  • Extra bars suggest better assistance

Suppose you've been to a crowded area, like a big event or concert, and suddenly you noticed that you are unable to take a picture or send it to your friend or send a message to your parents despite having multiple bars? A widespread myth is that more bars mean more assistance. Though, this isn’t a valid statement. When it comes to compiling, the number of bars you have allows you to recognize how strong your signal is to the closest cell phone tower.

  • Charging your device overnight harms battery

Many cell phone users think that charging your device overnight can damage the battery. However, this isn’t true. Carrying your cell phone connected to your charger overnight, well after it becomes full doesn’t damage your phone’s battery. 

  •  You have to be connected to your device to shut it off before charging

 This is only accurate if your device contains Nickel-Cadmium batteries. However, maximum technology organizations don't use Nickel-Cadmium batteries nowadays, because they can withstand the “memory effect.” This is when they lose the proficiency to attain full charge after lots of charges and discharges.

  • Shutting down apps opened in the background protects the battery

As you rotate between several apps like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and any other app on your device all day, they’ll go on to operate in the background. Several smartphone users think leaving these apps while operating them, depletes your device's battery life. Several users think that shutting out these apps running in the background can assist to keep their battery charged for an extended period. However, this isn’t real. Keeping apps running in the background does not influence your device's battery life, meaning you don’t have to bother about your device disappearing if you suddenly leave lots of apps operating throughout the day.

Therefore, comprehending technology can be tough to completely understand. This is one of the main reasons behind flowing myths throughout the IT industry.  If something looks disorganized to you, do your due perseverance by taking the time to inquiry.

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