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Importance of Commercial Shipping Management Company in maritime industry?

Commercial Shipping Management is a modern shipping and maritime company with a mission to provide the most cost-effective and technologically advanced logistics solutions. Our company plans and strategies for the specific needs of the vessels, owners, and crews. We are dedicated to optimal ship performance by continuously improving our operations.

As a result, we work towards producing cost-effective solutions for every shipment in the shortest possible time. Our team is made up of highly experienced professionals who know their field inside-out! We are a company providing commercial ship management services. We manage the commercial operation of a vessel, including daily administration of the vessel and tenders via the online office, coordinating with various parties involved in the commercial management of a vessel, such as ship brokers and suppliers, stevedoring companies, and port authorities.

Our team of experts are all professionals with professional experience in shipping. We offer the latest technology for your vessel and will be able to provide a full range of services such as technical, management, planning and technical consultancy. Our qualified personnel from a variety of sectors are experienced in the areas of Marine Engineering and Operating Vessels, Shipping Carrier and Fleet Management, and Supply Chain Management for Offshore Oil & Gas Operations. Commercial Ship Management is an integrated shipping company that provides the most cost-effective and efficient ship management services available in the freight shipping industry.

Our focus is on providing a high level of service and support to our clients, who in turn provide superior technical ship management and outstanding operational results. We strive to achieve this by providing full transparency, meeting targets, continuous improvement and cost savings, and offering flexible solutions on step-by-step basis.

At our company, we provide the entire range of services in the chartering and daily operation of vessels, including shipping agents, ship handlers and port authorities.

Through our extensive professional team, able to interact with all parties involved in this market segment (ship agents, stevedoring companies, freight brokers), we manage everyday business operations by arranging bunkers and appointing agents and surveyors associated with the commercial operation of their vessel/project. We are a commercial Ship Management Company specializing in chartering and daily operation of vessels, including bidding for tenders and long/medium term contracts.

The vessel is managed by qualified employees who will guarantee safe, economic and efficient management. We are engaged in commercial ship management and daily operation of the vessel, including bidding for tenders, long-term contracts and fixing of the vessel on behalf of owners.

Our team is well known for good relations with ship agents, stevedoring companies, ship handlers, port authorities and freight brokers. We provide safe and efficient commercial operation of tankers and other cargo vessels by arranging bunkers, and appointing agents for all sorts of cargo operations on our vessel/project basis. We also assign surveyors to perform marine engineering works pertaining to the commercial operation of tankers or other cargo vessels. The vessel is managed by qualified employees who will guarantee safe, economic and efficient management.

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