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Benefits of Commercial Management of the vessel in Shipping Industry

The Maritime industry is a key factor that drives the economic, social, and cultural life of every country. We are highly focused on providing Marine Services across the world - building a legacy that can be with you for years to come. To do this, we have dedicated our entire staff to providing all services to deliver excellent quality and meet your needs. The company provides handling and management of vessels on behalf of owners. We offer several services to our clients. From mechanical works to crew transfers, arranging port calls and customs clearance, we are there to help you make your financial arrangements easier.

We can offer you a full range of services in the areas of vessel management and commercial shipping management. Designed to supply the owner with a single source of commercial marine organization and management. Manage your commercial vessel(s) - from freshwater to Industrial, Multi-Purpose, and Tanker vessels. Daily in-port loading/unloading and preparation for laying for future use, as well as removal & consolidation of all cargo waste materials, including bilge water, ballast & sludge from the vessels and all their equipment. Maritime Management is designed to manage the vessel(s) on behalf of the owner to the vessel owners.

We offer a professional approach for these vessels including Vessel Management, Rescheduling and Accounting. This is a highly specialized service and requires specific knowledge, skills and experience. We can manage the whole shipping process of your vessel, from delivery and collection to insurance, tankage management and unique services such as charter management, documentation & customs clearance services. Powerful tracking, planning and management tools that help you optimize your supply chain, create business plans and manage your fleet.

Commercial shipping management and logistics is a field that requires the management of vessels, staff and all the other elements that comprise a commercial shipping company. The in-house database exists to determine the costs, risks, and potential profit opportunities of every shipping line or carrier. A professional maritime information system is therefore required by any company wishing to compete at the high level required in this industry. This service allows the owner to collect, manually or automatically, all the data on their vessel, including fuel consumption and expenses for each trip. The owner will be able to submit a report of these data to the agent who will issue a bill directly in his name so that he will always know what expenses were incurred on each trip.

We are experts in chartering, crewing, and management in general. Whether you are an owner looking to get the most value out of your vessel or a charterer looking to manage the cost of your accommodation while at sea, we have the solutions you need. Our clients are mainly owners of vessels engaged in shipping activities. We offer international commercial management services that include: vessel recruitment and Liebherr ship management as well as deployment of crew members. We provide our clients with an efficient and fully integrated service for handling, chartering, and selling ships worldwide. Our global network consists of steadily expanding offices in the most important business markets. Our working capital management services provide a comprehensive range of financial and operational support to all our clients.

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